Why the Healthcare Website Failed

This is EXACTLY what makes me furious about the Obamacare website.  We have a country FULL of technical experts, innovators and entrepreneurs, but we did not leverage their expertise to build this critically important website.  Our tax dollars down the toilet because of mismanagement, not to mention citizen’s healthcare needs.  A website should never have to cost $300M!!!!!


Obama Proposes Tying College Aid to School Ranking


This is tragic. My profession is research and measurement, and I believe in measuring pretty much everything – correctly. Measuring the effectiveness of colleges on student debt and earnings upon graduation is ludicrous. The poorest kids will have the most student debt, and professions such as teaching and social work have the lowest earnings…so this measurement approach will encourage schools to not not accept poorer students (who will go into more debt) and to not offer majors in low-wage professions.